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These attempts to conspire to cause unease among the ranks are unfounded as evidence supports the persons in questions have applied for and granted leave based on the rules of the civil service.

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Within the parameters of the law, necessary steps were taken to address the issue opsi dan perdagangan opsi extensive vacation leaves accumulated over time by members of the security forces, in particular the High Command of the Royal St. Commissioner of Police, Mr.

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Ian Queeley, is among the officers who are benefitting from ahli perdagangan - perdagangan opsi measures. The Commissioner is currently on vacation leave after accumulating substantial vacation days over time.

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Commissioner Queeley applied for leave and proceeded on his requested leave on the 3rd October, The National Security Minister further disclosed that cara main iq option android civil service regulations limit the number of days that can be accumulated by civil servants, save for the exigencies opsi strategi hari kadaluwarsa the service. Hilroy Brandy has been invested with the apa arti dari kata forex? powers of the Commissioner of Police on a temporary basis to ensure that public safety operations continue seamlessly.

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The Honourable Prime Minister made it clear that this programme of drawing down on extensive vacation leave extends beyond the police force and is one that will affect the entire civil service. In The News October 2,

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